Betta Species A – Z

Group Pisces
Class Actinopterygii
Order Perciformes
Family Belontiidae
Species Synonyms Common Names
Betta akarensis Regan 1910 Betta climacura Vierke, 1988 Sarawak Betta
Akar Betta
Ladder-Fined Betta
Ladder Mouthbrooder
Betta albimarginata Kottelat & Ng 1994 Whiteseam Fighter
Betta anabatoides Bleeker 1851 Pearly Betta
Large Unspotted Mouthbrooder
Giant Betta
Betta antoni Tan & Ng 2006
Betta Apollon
Betta aurigans Tan & Lim 2004
Betta balunga Herre 1940 Balunga Mouthbrooder
Betta bellica Sauvage 1884 Betta fasciata (Regan, 1910)
Betta bleekeri
Slender Betta
Striped Fighting Fish
Slim Fighting Fish
Bellicose fighting fish
Green jungle fighting fish
Betta breviobesus Tan & Kottelat 1998
Betta brownorum Witte & Schmidt 1992 Betta coccina sp (non Vierke, 1979) of Betta brownorum Browns Red Dwarf Fighter
Betta burdigala Kottelat & Ng 1994 Red Brown Dwarf Fighter
Betta channoides Kottelat & Ng 1994 Snakehead Fighter
Betta chini Ng 1993 Chini Mouthbrooder
Betta chloropharynx Kottelat & Ng 1994 Green Throat Mouthbrooder
Betta coccina Vierke 1979 Wine-Red Betta
Betta compuncta Tan & Ng 2006
Betta cracens Tan & Ng 2005
Betta dimidiata Roberts 1989 Dwarf Mouthbrooder
Betta edithae Vierke 1984 Edith’s Betta
Edith’s Mouthbrooder
Betta enisae Kottelat 1995 Blue Band Mouthbrooder
Betta falx Tan & Kottelat 1998
Betta ferox
Betta foerschi Vierke 1979 Chameleon Betta
Foersch’s Betta
Betta fusca Regan 1910 Dark Betta
Brown Mouthbrooder
Dusky Betta
Betta gladiator Tan & Ng 2005
Betta hendra
Betta hipposideros Ng & Kottelat 1994
Betta ibanorum Tan & Ng 2005
Betta ideii Tan & Ng 2006
Betta imbellis Ladiges 1975 Betta phuket Crescent Betta
Peaceful Betta
Betta krataios Tan & Ng 2006
Betta kuehnei
Betta lehi Tan & Ng 2005 Jealous Betta
Selangor Red Fighter
Betta livida Ng & Kottelat 1992
Betta macrostoma Regan 1910 Peacock Mouthbrooder
Brunei Beauty
Spotfin Betta
Orangecheek Betta
Betta mahachaienis
Betta mandor Tan & Ng 2006
Betta mida
Betta miniopinna Tan & Tan 1994 Small Fin Fighter
Betta obscura Tan & Ng 2005
Betta ocellata de Beaufort, 1933
Betta pallida sp. Southern Thailand
Betta pallifina
Betta patoti Weber & de Beaufort 1922 Black Betta
Betta pardalotos
Betta persephone Schaller, D. 1986 Dwarf Betta
Black Small Fighter
Betta pi Tan 1998
Betta picta (Valenciennes 1846) Panchax pictum Valenciennes, 1846
Betta trifasciata Bleeker , 1850
Painted Betta
Javan Mouth-Brooding Fighting Fish
Mouth-Brooding Betta
Spotted Betta
Betta pinguis Tan & Kottelat 1998
Betta prima Kottelat 1994 Threelined Mouthbrooder
Betta pugnax (Cantor, 1849) Betta picta (non Valenciennes, 1846)
Macropodus pugnax Cantor, 1849
Betta trifasciata (non Bleeker, 1850)
Betta anabatoides (non Bleeker, 1851)
Betta rubra (non Perugia, 1893)
Betta macrophthalma Regan, 1910
Betta fusca (non Regan, 1910)
Betta taeniata (non Regan, 1910)
Betta brederi Myers, 1935
Penang Mouth-Brooding Fighting Fish
Mouthbrooding Betta
Malayan Betta
Penang Betta
Giant Betta
Big Eye Mouthbrooder
Betta pulchra Tan & Tan 1996 Beauty Mouthbrooder
Betta raja Tan & Ng 2005
Betta renata Tan 1998
Betta rubra Perugia 1893 Toba Betta
Red Sumatran Fighter
Betta rutilans Witte & Kottelat 1991 Redish Dwarf Fighter
Betta schalleri Kottelat & Ng 1994
Betta siamorientalis
Betta simorum Tan & Ng 1996 Simor Fighter
Betta simplex Kottelat 1994 Betta sp Krabi Simple Mouthbrooder
Redfin Betta
Betta smaragdina Ladiges 1972 Emerald Betta
Smaragd Fighter
Smaragd Betta
Peaceful Betta
Emerald green Betta
Blue Betta
Betta spilotogena Ng & Kottelat 1994
Betta splendens Regan 1910 Betta splendens abbreviata Blanc 1963
Micracanthus marchei Sauvage 1879
Siamese Fighting Fish
Split-Tailed Betta
Libby Betta
Betta stigmosa Tan & Ng 2005
Betta stiktos Tan & Ng 2005
Betta strohi Schaller & Kottelat 1989
Betta taeniata Regan 1910 Borneo Betta
Banded fighting fish
Striped Betta
Betta tomi Ng & Kottelat 1994
Betta tussyae Schaller 1985
Betta uberis Tan & Ng 2006
Betta unimaculata (Popta 1905) Parophiocephalus unimaculatus Popta, 1905
Betta ocellata (non de Beaufort, 1933)
Howong Betta
One-Spot Betta
One Spot Mouthbrooder
Blue One Spot Mouthbrooder
Betta waseri Krummenacher 1986 Betta macrophthalma (non Regan, 1910)
Betta wojak  
Undescribed species
Betta sp.
Betta sp. Bangka
Betta sp. Bung Bihn
Betta sp. Pangkalanbun
Betta sp. Sukadana  Betta Uberius

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