To compete in IBC Shows, there are many things that entrants need to know and other things that show chairs must follow.  The main guide to showing is the IBC Exhibition Standards.  In addition, the following files are provided every year:

For Entrants

Area Class Lists:

Every year, the IBC Judging Board adjusts the class lists based on how many fish are being shown in the different classes, and to approve any trial classes to be held for new standards.  The class lists are posted usually in July/August for Areas 1, 3, 6, and 7, and in January/February for Area 2 and 5.

For Show Chairs

Show Request→
To be IBC-Sanctioned, a show must be requested of the IBC Judging Board in advance and a sanction fee applied to hold the date for their chapter exclusively.  The IBC allows shows to be held once every two weeks and only one international show per area.