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The IBC is run by volunteers who devote their time and effort to this hobby. We are organized into three basic groups: the Executive Board with elected officers, the Judging Board who are in charge of betta showing and the Show Standards, and the Committee groups who work on specific topics within the hobby.

For general questions, please email If you’d like to volunteer, email For website issues, email For other specific needs, please refer to the contact lists below.

IBC Board Members & Committee Chairs  
Executive Board
Vice PresidentPeter Bä
Judging Board RepresentativeSarawut
Area 1 EB RepresentativePhil
Area 2 EB RepresentativeSabrina
Area 3 EB RepresentativeWang Zuo
Area 6 EB RepresentativeFrancis Dy
Area 7 EB RepresentativeJarrod
All Executive Board
Judging Board
Judging Board ChairSarawut Korsoongsak, David Spector
All Judging Board MembersGeneral JB: Sarawut Korsoongsak, David Spector, Willy Choong Pei Tong, Lee Yen Leong, Kevin Sim, Dominikus Ferdinand - Area Representatives: Sam Tse (1), Yvan Perre (2), Hiroki Ishizu (3), Hermanus Haryanto (6), Michael Chang (7) - EB Representative: Sabrina
StandardsSarawut Korsoongsak, Dominikus Ferdinand, Willy Choong Pei Tong
Training: Kevin Sim, Hermanus Haryanto
Certification & TrainingKevin Sim, Lee Yen Leong for overall
RegistrarDavid Spector for overall Registrar, Dominikus Ferdinand as Back
Area 1 Events and CertificationSam
Area 2 Events and CertificationYvan Perre, backup Sabrina
Area 3 Events and CertificationHiroki
Areas 4 &5 Events and CertificationSee JB Chair
Area 6 Events and Certification Hermanus Haryanto, Support: Willy Choong Pei Tong, Lee Yen
Area 7 Events and CertificationMichael
Committee Chairs
ArchivesSally Van
ChaptersSally Van
EventsJB Chair, see JB list for Area
FLARE! EditorJarrod Nielsenflareeditor@ibcbettas
MarketingPeter Bä
NomenclatureGene A.
Research and GrantsLeo
Species MaintenanceBill Little & Missina
Technical AssistanceJamie
Web TeamStacy Fenhaus & Larissa