The IBC would like to invite you to join our organization.

Members Receive

All new members will receive a welcome letter and membership card by postal mail.

Our New Member packet contains the following helpful documents, links to these files will be provided on the purchase confirmation page (print copies of the documents can by purchased for a nominal fee):

  • Our Membership Handbook

  • IBC Exhibition Standards

  • “Bettas: A Beginner’s Guide” written by Bill Hoerner

  • Our “How to Ship Fish” info sheet

Membership Benefits

  • FLARE! magazine (current and back issues)

  • Members-only area of the IBC Forum

  • Members-only area of this website

  • Access to our IBC Trading Post (located on the forum)

  • Access to our large Technical Assistance library

  • Access to the Membership Handbook


Please contact before you send in your payment if using PayPal. Due to the IBC’s non-profit status you must use a pre-approved agent to relay your dues to our PayPal account.

Electronic Memberships

Electronic Individual

$2000 USDyearly
  • Download full-color Flare!
  • For a single membership
  • Manual Renewal

Electronic Family

$2200 USDyearly
  • Download full-color Flare!
  • Add household memberships
  • Manual Renewal