Betta hendra

Schindler & Linke, 2013

Male Betta Hendra. Photo by Missina Burcaw

Keeping Betta hendra from an Aquarist View

Housing Betta hendra is a small species of betta and does best in small aquariums. It can be kept in species tanks if there are enough hiding spots. They are best kept in 2.5 gallon tanks with a tight fitting lid and gentle filtration. This species enjoys plants, dead leaves, and drift wood to hide in and around.
Water Conditions


Males are more intensely colored than the females.


Betta henra are bubblenesters and the male will build a bubble nest under a leaf or inside of a film canister left to float in the tank. The pair will spawn in the typical betta embrace with the male wrapping himself around the female and then the male will release milt and the female will release eggs. As the eggs and milt mix, the male and female will both retrieve the eggs and place them in the bubble nest. After spawning is complete, the female may stay and guard the male, but does little in the way of raising the young. Care of the offspring falls on the male. Food can be introduced once the fry are free swimming. It may be difficult to spot when the pair has spawned and fry may go unnoticed in the tank until they grow larger.

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