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International Betta Congress: The Premier Betta Organization

With an average of 40 International Shows each year, the IBC has the most robust showing calendar in the betta world.

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FLARE! magazine is a comprehensive resource for all things in the betta world.  Full of ideas and articles that are easy and educational, it will appeal to enthusiasts ranging from casual betta keepers to serious breeders.  Articles guide the reader on how to provide excellent care for your fish, offering tips and tricks for designing multiple betta systems, heating solutions, and nutrition.   Each issue also serves as the official means of relaying new member programs, incentives and administrative announcements.  With FLARE! as a tool, take your hobby to the next level.

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Find an official IBC Chapter near you!

  • Meet other betta enthusiasts near you
  • Share ideas, tips and “breeder secrets”
  • Learn more about your hobby through demonstrations and presentations
  • Trade breeding stock, equipment, betta foods and more
  • Organize local shows and find helpers

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Upcoming Events

  1. Betta of Sumatra Society

    September 8 - October 10
  2. First Coast Bettas October Show

    September 29 - October 1
  3. Victoria Betta International Show

    October 6 - October 8
  4. California Betta Society District Show

    CBS and AquaCraze are teaming up to hold a combination betta and flowerhorn show! October 7 in Sacramento, California. Due to space limitiations, this will be an IBC District Show, with space preference to California and surrounding states (including Hawaii). Please reserve your slots ahead of full registration time! (Non-District folks can reserve as well, […]

    October 7
  5. Betta Passion International Show

    October 13 - October 15

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