Each year the IBC awards the Top 20 breeders with the highest points in the Open Classes for each IBC Area.  This list displays only final Grand Champion results; therefore, will not show the current year standings while the show season is still in progress.

As the current season gets started, go here for the in-progress standings: Point Standings→

2018-2019 Grand Champion Standings - Area 1

EntrantVariety TotalsDivision 2Division 3Warren Young Memorial PointsShow Year Points TotalRank
Sieg Illig30853203580042401
Mike Cuaresma141058519952
Jacqueline Gray12756513403
Mel Luke100530013054
Missina Burcaw7801522510011205
Pat Henry9159156
Paul & Aurelia Ogles580951007757
Luis Gustavo Alvarez Blanquet4252807058
Richard Laughery3601501606709
Elizabeth Hahn4158049510
Peter DeSouza2708035011
Heidi and Andrew Burkle2457031512
Siul Sanabria10518028513
Ivan Roldan27027014
Reinaldo Cintrón20520515
Salvador Alemany17017016
Kasey Clark1104515517
Siul Sanabria14014018
Andy & Jessaira Charleus80203013019
Luis Navarro12012020
Ashley Rezka12012020
Jackie Hutcherson959522
Karen Mac Auley909023
John Metzger656524
Bill Little20456524
Jim Williams606026
Holly Rutan505027
Brian Fern505027
Urbano Alfonso Sosa Lopez454529
Carlos Pereyra15153030
Jose Lugo202031
Catherine Salmon202031
Guillermo Hernandez Alvarado151533
Hector De La Torre Carrillo151533

2017-2018 Grand Champion Standings - Area 1

EntrantVariety Totals</