IBC breeders and exhibitors compete in IBC-sanctioned shows to earn points (by placing in classes, winning division awards and “Best Of” awards) to compete with each other in our points standings system.  The person with the overall points at the end of each show season is awarded Grand Champion in their Area.

Photo by Karen MacAuley

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Variety A Championship (Area 1)

Variety A: Longfin HM Single tail 
Sieg Illig1515
Mel Luke940
Pat Henry530
Jacqueline Gray410
Richard Laughery340
Missina Burcaw270
Paul & Aurelia Ogles260
Odin Guillermo Serrano Nunez185
Elizabeth Hahn175
Cristian Borja150
Luis Saniz105
Reinaldo Cintrón100
Luis Navarro90
Ismael Rodriguez70
Mike Cuaresma60
Ashley Rezka45
Karen Mac Auley35
Salvador Alemany30
Andy & Jessaira Charleus30
Jeriel Rodriguez30
Heidi & Andrew Burkle25
Bill Little20
Carlos Pereya15
Jackie Hutcherson15

Variety B Championship (Area 1)

Variety B: Plakat 
Mike Cuaresma515
Miguel Cervantes Briones365
Sieg Illig360
Josue Emmanuel Diaz de Lira335
Paul & Aurelia Ogles320
Peter DeSouza270
Pat Henry255
Jacqueline Gray210
Ivan Roldan180
Salvador Alemany140
Siul Sanabria140
Daniel H. Meneses Ortiz120
Missina Burcaw110
Billy Ugarte95
Reinaldo Cintrón85
Sergio Marrero80
Luis Gustavo Alvarez Blanquet75
Ashley Rezka75
Monserrat Alcantara70
Alexis Rivera65
John Metzger65
Elizabeth Hahn60
Marco Antonio Rodriguez Cedillo60
Noel Padilla60
Karen Mac Auley