IBC breeders and exhibitors compete in IBC-sanctioned shows to earn points (by placing in classes, winning division awards and “Best Of” awards) to compete with each other in our points standings system.  The person with the overall points at the end of each show season is awarded Grand Champion in their Area.

Photo by Karen MacAuley

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Variety A Championship (Area 1)

Variety A: Longfin HM Single tail  
Mike Cuaresma595
Jacqueline Gray500
Richard K Laughery395
Christina Simpson330
Siegbert Illig330
Mel Luke325
Hector De La Torre140
Luis Alberto Garcia120
Pat Henry110
Ginny Landgraf55
J.D Anahi Molina Corrales50
Salvador Alemany45
Tu Tran30
Jackie Hutcherson15
Missina Burcaw15

Variety B Championship (Area 1)

Variety B: Plakat 
Mike Cuaresma460
Josue Emanuel Díaz de Lira400
Josue Esau Nieves Guzman350
Tu Tran350
Jacqueline Gray275
Christina Simpson265
Pat Henry190
Luis Navarro160
Luis Alberto Garcia125
J.D Anahi Molina Corrales115
Hector De La Torre75
Heidi & Andrew Burkle45
Ginny Landgraf35
Richard K Laughery35
Siegbert Illig35
Pedro Grijalva20

Variety C Championship (Area 1)

Variety C: Other Recognized Forms 
Christina Simpson415
Josue Emanuel Díaz de Lira315
Mike Cuaresma215
Jacqueline Gray165
Siegbert Illig115
Josue Esau Nieves Guzman60
Jackie Hutcherson50
Luis Alberto Garcia50
J.D Anahi Molina Corrales