How to Culture and Harvest Confused Flour Beetles

Adult Confused Flour Beetles Confused flour beetles are a live food not commonly used in the betta hobby. Despite their lack of notoriety, they are insanely easy to keep and breed. I’d wager they may be even easier than vinegar eels, and that’s saying something! Confused flour beetles (Tribolium confusum) are small, [...]

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Guide to Show Hosting: Part 2- Assigning Jobs

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the Exhibition Standards and selected your show chair (or chairs), as detailed in our last installment Part 1- Standards and Show Chair, you are ready to move onto the next step in your show-hosting journey. We will cover various “jobs” that different members of your club can take on [...]

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How to Culture and Harvest Vinegar Eels

Vinegar eels are a common first food for betta fry and many other fish. They are smaller than most nematodes, last longer in the tank, and swim throughout the water column which prevents too much bottom-feeding.  They are extraordinarily easy to keep and can thrive for years with minimal attention. Vinegar eels, in my opinion, [...]

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Guide to Show Hosting: Part 1- Standards and Show Chair

So you’ve formed your chapter, had a few successful meetings, and feel your chapter is ready to host its first show; congratulations! The following guide is meant to help you on your journey of planning and executing a show with as much success as possible. Whether you’ve attended a betta show in the past or [...]

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Speed Bagging for Shows

Does bagging fish for a show seem like hours of endless sorting, pouring, pulling knots and stuffing bags? When I first started showing, I quickly realized that I needed a few hours to get through the whole process of packing my prized fish up. After a few late night sessions I thought to myself, “There [...]

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