The Beauty of Bettas, a living art

The Thailand Betta Club, led by Mr. Sarawut Korsoongsak, is busily preparing to host the first ever IBC Convention in Area 6.  The club has pulled out all stops to give us a taste of Thai craftsmanship from the home of our beloved betta.  We hope you enjoy this Sneak Peek into the awards that entrants will be competing for.  May the best fish win!

About The Trophies

From Mr. Korsoongsak

“Crafted with “Passion” and “Love”, Thailand Betta Club Area 6 Convention has put its heart and soul into crafting the finest trophy there is in the history of Betta Shows. With the skills of a master craftsman who has a eye for detail as well as the finest material, it is not just a “Trophy” but a “Living Art”.

Our Grand Champion Award standing at 67cm tall weighing at approximately 12kg, made of solid Bronze and a wooden oak base, is inspired by the “Crown” of the King – by combining all types of betta together to sum up as king of the show, the Crowntail is placed at the top to signify the “Crown”.

The 7 Division Champion Awards standing at 53cm tall weighing at 5kg each, are made of solid bronze with a wooden oak base. The craftsman has chosen to craft the fish based on it’s natural posture to make this trophy a living Art.

Our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placing trophy is inspired by the use of traditional Thai betta scoops made of palm leaves. We decided to add a little touch by adding a Veil Tail betta and Water Lettuce in the scoop to give it a more realistic look. The color of Veil Tail bettas are gold, silver and bronze for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placing respectively. The scoop is then mounted onto the beautiful Ashwood base to complete the design.

Be sure to make history by being part of one of the most anticipated Betta events in history.”